Story Behind the Painting - Life's Journey

This painting holds a special place in my heart. It is one of a few that I've completed, which carries a much more spiritual significance for me. The painting is titled "Life's Journey," and it belongs to the "Into the Light Series."

As you may already know, I lost my dad when he was only 48 years old. Next year will mark 20 years since that tragic day. I struggled for years - well over a decade, in fact - after his death. I found it hard to deal with my emotions and to find peace or joy in life's quieter moments that come our way. In addition to other traumas I. experienced in my younger years, I carried a lot of anger and sadness within me.

I was fortunate to participate in a spiritual retreat that greatly aided me in overcoming the pain and moving forward with a more positive outlook. Without delving into the details of the retreat, one of the meditations I experienced focused on Canadian geese.

At the retreat I learned that geese travel hundreds of miles twice a year, and they never abandon one of their own. They take turns flying at the front so that others can rest. When one becomes injured or too fatigued to continue and falls behind, at least one other goose will remain with it, accompanying it until they can both fly again or until the time comes for that one to pass on. Therefore, the injured or aged bird doesn't have to endure that difficult time alone.

I've faced some challenging times in my life, but God has consistently provided for me, even when it seemed I couldn't perceive it. He has sent me earth angels to help me cope, such as the Boomhour family, and of course, my husband, who has shared my journey for the last 16 years.

Although it might not be visible in the picture, the original version of that painting features glitter that reflects the light, giving it a shimmering quality when the sun shines on it.