Office Decor / Client Gift

Enhance office spaces and delight clients with inspired artwork that beautifully captures the Canadian's rich culture and artistic talent, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and cultural significance to any space.

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Milestone Celebrations / Christmas Gift

Mark corporate milestones with unique gifts that reflect the beauty and heritage of our country, offering a meaningful and memorable way to celebrate achievements and express appreciation. Give the gift of art that supports Canadian artists and our unique culture.

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Custom Painted Tipi

Promote indigenous culture with painted tipis, providing a sponsorship opportunity that supports local artistry and cultural preservation.

Make a lasting impression at events by showcasing your values on a striking canvas that celebrates the beauty and significance of indigenous art.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Support fundraising efforts by purchasing a print of "Carried With Love," a piece that embodies the theme of truth and reconciliation.

Show your commitment to supporting indigenous communities and their cultural heritage through meaningful art.

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Reach out if you’d like me to create something custom for you!

Whether you're looking for merchandise for your employees, including items branded with your logo, prints and/or original pieces for long-term employees or clients, or to enhance the beauty of your walls, we're happy to help!

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