Angels Among Us

Amy Keller-Rempp and her husband, Antoine Rempp, created a flood-relief fundraising platform with three organizations in mind:
- the Northern Lights Health Foundation,
- the Wood Buffalo Food Bank,
- and Samaritan’s Purse.

As the river break up flooded downtown Fort McMurray in the Spring of 2020, and many recently rebuilt homes were submerged, Amy was given a vision to paint for the cause, and the title evolved into ‘Angels Among Us‘. The canvas aptly describes the scene of community volunteers sandbagging around the Northern Lights Regional Hospital in Fort McMurray. While angels kept watch, the hospital was spared. It is a very powerful memory of the day when God saved the community from another evacuation.

100% of the profits from from the sale of the prints were donated to charities. We are very grateful for the work and support that the Northern Lights Health Foundation (Hospital) offers to the region, the support that the local Food Bank continues to offer in those difficult times, and the members of Samaritans Purse who mobilized in numbers to help the evacuees deal with the aftermath of the devastation.