Bring Your Vision to Life

Do you have a specific project in mind? Reach out and let me help you transform your ideas into stunning works of art, tailored specifically to your preferences and space. Whether your canvas is metal, traditional canvas, beaver hide, moose antlers, or even large-scale surfaces like tipis and murals, we are dedicated to creating pieces that resonate with your personal or corporate aesthetic.

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How It Works

Initial Consultation

Share your vision with us. Tell us about the desired medium, size, budget, and color scheme. Whether you're looking for something for your home, business, or public space, we start by understanding your unique needs.

Design Proposal

Based on your input, we'll draft a preliminary design. This phase includes selecting the appropriate materials and techniques to best bring your vision to life.

Approval and Refinement

We work with you to refine the design. Your feedback is crucial as we make adjustments to ensure the final piece perfectly aligns with your expectations.

Creation and Delivery

Once the design is finalized, we begin the artistry. We keep you updated throughout the creation process and ensure that the finished piece is everything you envisioned.

Metal Grinding Paintings

Experience the unique shimmer and texture of custom metal grinding paintings. Ideal for modern spaces, these artworks reflect light and create dynamic visuals from different angles. 

Every metal grinded piece I create is a unique masterpiece, reflecting its own distinct character and depth. While prints of these artworks can be made on canvas or metal, they do not capture the original's dynamic interplay with light. The original pieces offer a visual depth and a motion effect with changing light conditions that prints simply cannot replicate, ensuring that each original stands out as a singular work of art.

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Custom Sky Dance Art

Inspired by the ethereal beauty of the northern lights, our Skydance artworks bring the mesmerizing colors and movements of the aurora borealis into your space.

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Beaver Pelt and Bear or Moose Hide Art

Choose from beaver, bear, or moose for a rustic and powerful depiction of wildlife. Tell us which animal you would like featured, and we will create a piece that captures its spirit and essence.

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Moose Antlers

Customize moose antlers, turning these majestic natural artifacts into intricate art pieces that reflect your style and the grandeur of nature.

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Available in 12', 18', and 24' tall, our custom-painted tipis are perfect for educational, ceremonial, or decorative purposes. Each tipi is a canvas for storytelling and cultural expression.

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Transform your walls into a narrative or a landscape with bespoke murals designed to fit your space and style.

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Public Art Benches

Beautify public spaces or your garden with benches that are not only functional but are also vibrant pieces of art.

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Vehicle Airbrushing

From subtle tailgate accents to full-body transformations, our custom airbrushing service will make your vehicle a moving masterpiece.

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