Story Behind the Painting - Sky Dance Series - Inukshuk

Who would have known that this one painting would become our best seller for the northern lights product line! In 2014, I was just starting the Sky Dance Series featuring northern lights paintings. We had relocated to Fort McMurray for a few years, and I had been blessed to see the northern lights on many occasions, and from the first time I saw the lights dancing in the sky, I knew I would paint a series featuring wildlife and other scenes in the northern lights or with the northern
lights in the background.

My husband and our product development partner at the time kept insisting that I should do an Inukshuk painting with the northern lights, as the Inukshuk has a connection with a large audience. Boy, did I ever drag my feet with that one... I wasn't in the right frame of mind as I had been awarded a massive mural project for the Fort McMurray Airport, I was 7 months pregnant, and couldn't wait to finish the airport project so I could go home and just rest. I spent five weeks in Edmonton, working out of an autobody shop, to complete those two big murals, and Antoine kept asking me (nagging me would be a better way to describe it) if I had made the time to paint the Inukshuk yet. Finally, one day, I was so fed up with him constantly asking, that I took the afternoon to paint that "Sky Dance Series - Inukshuk" painting. You know, when you finally get it done, you feel so happy it was done and I wouldn't have him continuing to push lol! I took a picture of the painting, sent it to him, and guess what his answer was... "Wow, is that the best you could do? Well I guess I'm just going to send this out to Colby and we will see what he says..." lol. True to himself.

Never ever did I, nor him for that matter, guess that this painting would become such a trademark for my art! This painting remains our best selling image on gifting products, it was the first one that we got on a signature mug, and it continues to this day to outsell all the other images....Is that the best you could do?.... Well I guess it wasn't that bad after all!